14 Dec

Finding A Mortgage In the Digital Age, With Pictures.


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More and more, your friendly neighbourhood Mortgage Professional is reading of the threat to our business from online mortgage channels. More specifically, the threat that you and your friends and neighbours will turn to online mortgage applications rather than actually talking to a Mortgage Professional.

One of my colleagues put a post on one of our Broker Pages exhorting us to make sure that our 2017 Business Plans have a major digital component. He included a meme in the post that said “ TECHNOLOGY DOESN’T GIVE A F#$% ABOUT YOU.”

He meant that to be directed at your friendly neighbourhood Mortgage Professional but it really applies to you. What it really means is, in less errr, abrupt terms, is that Technology doesn’t discern you as being any different than any other credit scored applicant.

Think about it; you go online and apply for the mortgage for your first home, your second home or even a rental property. Perhaps you are now the sole owner of your home, as a result of marital breakdown and need to “pay out” your spouse.

Even before you apply, you had questions but you’ve applied anyway and now the application is submitted, it comes back DECLINED. Now you have even more questions, you call the call centre providing support and you wait and wait and wait.

What’s missing from the process? Just about everything that you come to me and my colleagues for; Advice, confidence, re-assurance and just plain friendliness.

You don’t pay for that advice, confidence, re-assurance and friendliness. Lenders compensate us for your business though, just as they do when you talk to one of their internal representatives.  Now, we’re at the stage where some lenders imagine being able to eliminate even that cost by using technology.

Even with 30 years of experience, I wouldn’t borrow large amounts of money, perhaps the largest amount I’ll ever borrow, without talking to and getting advice from someone.

For me, its a diverse human element that defines pretty much everything I do, every interaction. I think that our lives are diminished without it.  I’m counting on the fact that you think the same way and maybe, want the same experience.

That, in a nutshell, is the digital element to my business plan.

Peace and best wishes for the holiday season. I hope the coming year is a healthy, happy one for you and your family.


6 Dec

Five things to be thankful for and Five (easy)resolutions.


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Coming up on this holiday season, some things to be thankful for;

A) Friends and Family.
This one is often taken for granted but I had a lesson in its importance this year. If you don’t have family be grateful for your friends. If you don’t have friends be grateful for family. If you have both, be extra grateful.
B) Where we live.
Yes, there are problems but would you really want to try living anywhere else? Canada has some of the richest cultures and people that help define what your home really means, to you.
C) A roof over your head.
Its sounds trite but consider the fact that as a society, we consider housing a right, not a privilege.
D) Clean drinking water delivered right to your tap.
True for many of us but not all. It still needs some work.
E) Leisure time.
While many of us struggle with work/life challenges, its important to remember that we do actually have leisure time.

Five easy resolutions;

A) Have a savings plan.
Get into the habit of saving by saving for something today. It doesn’t need to be big. Start with $25 a month.
B) Do one healthy thing a day.
Again, get into the habit of doing healthy things. Drink water, go for a walk, eat fruit instead of fruit juice, cook a meal from scratch, drink less or even eat some kale. ( Okay, I’m joking about the last one )
C) Make one new friend.
For some this is harder than it sounds. Converting a virtual friend to a real friend counts, too.
D) Give.
Give something, your time or money or whatever to someone or some group in need. Don’t do it for them, do it for you, because it will make you feel great.
E) Get help.
Whether its buying a home, buying an investment or starting a business, we all need unbiased  person to person advice, not advice from the interweb or a single product provider like a bank. Get some advice, most times its free and when its not, its cheap.

“Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, benevolence, were all my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business!”

Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Carol”.

Best wishes,