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24 Aug

Your Home; Your Community.


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Most of us, even if we don’t participate, crave a sense of community.

Our lives, both digital and analogue versions, are made up of small communities to which we belong. We are the intersection point for all those differing communities.

Each small community has special meaning in our lives; each wave from a neighbour, each time your neighbours’ little kid yells “ HI, JONATHAN!” as she rides by in the back seat of their car, the time you have lunch with a friend you haven’t seen in thirty years, and you end up laughing and joking like no time has passed, has individual meaning for us.

There is a tendency, particularly for homebuyers in areas such as Vancouver, to look at any purchase as an “investment” rather than the purchase of a home and access to a community.

Even in the most adamant ‘investor’ though, the craving for community comes through. Even when I meet with people attuned to the investment side of home ownership, the need for community is clearly evident. It’s evident in statements like, ‘the only neighbourhood we want to live in is….”.

One of the things that I try and walk every prospective purchaser through is an exercise where they sit down and write down the things that their new home must have; the “non-negotiables”, the “must haves” and the “nice to haves”. For each person, the various lists are different, but they help to clearly define what they want in and around their new home.

Two things generally happen when people go through the exercise; They have a clearer picture of how they want to live and a less distinct picture of where they want to live. Because there are now multiple community options, there are more options in terms of where to buy.

Then, armed with your list, you and your Realtor can easily focus on areas and properties that better suit your needs.

So many times in our lives, there’s a real challenge in trying to define what we actually want and need. Make sure you know what type of community you want to be part of before you buy.

If you want more information about the Non Negotiables exercise, you can read about it here.

Here’s hoping you find your perfect community.